Japan’s Wealthiest Man Commits Eighty Million Dollars in Beauty Deal With Tropics Lab.

Tropics Lab is a privately owned company founded by Dr. Edith F. Gibson, an innovative scientist who spent the last seven years researching and perfecting the adequate formula to produce an impeccable skin care formula for people with skin of color. Tropics Lab is actively making huge strides in spreading its skincare tentacles across Africa and North America to revolutionize the skincare industry.

Through international strides and relationship building, Cedric Yengo the CEO of NW Tech Capital, Inc arranged for a confirmation pitch between Tadashi Yanai in order to provide exclusive skincare to the retail giant.

Known for his keen business eye and witty investments, Tadashi Yanai has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon and a force to reckon with in the business world. In a recent commitment deal intended to combat skin cancer and providing clinically approved skincare products, he has committed to Tropicslab, the $80,000,000 skincare deal. Tadashi Yanai has confidence and he believes that with adequate research, necessary improvements in healthcare will be achieved.

Tropicslab is set to release a flurry of celebrity skin care brands based on: different country climatic conditions, local country ingredients, FDA regulations per country, shipping and custom duties, purchasing power and supply chain differences per country and Joint research with country-specific local research skin care teams.

The multimillion dollar deal is expected to become effective by the end of August 2022 and shall cover not only clinical research, but also manufacturing and distribution of products for celebrity skincare brands.

CEO of Tropicslab, Dr. Edith Gibson said, “we are excited that our vision has attracted the attention it deserves. We are on a journey to revamp the beauty and wellness industry and we shall do so without hesitation. We have a clear cut objective and shall see to its accomplishment. This is simply a start for us and better things are coming on ahead.”

Dr. Edith Gibson

CEO, TropicsLab