Let’s facilitate your successful skincare brand, backed by over 9 years of formulation, and endorsed by you.

Our team of top-notch innovators in the skin care industry approaches every project intending to elevate your brand. From our manufacturing line to our R&D chemists, we all pride ourselves on innovating and being an extension of your brand.

In case you are an established brand looking to fill white space or you are starting a fresh brand, our cutting-edge formulas and unique customer reviews make us the best choice for you. Tropics Lab Africa is the right choice for private-label skincare, personal care product development, and manufacturing, inspired label and packaging design to turnkey fulfillment services. We promise you an unparalleled customer experience.

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Our team of skilled chemists has the experience and knowledge to turn clients’ ideas into their unique desired formulations. Added to our client’s requirements, we guide them on the best ingredient combinations to develop their unique product formulation.

We have a large range of custom product options, be it skin whitening cream, Vitamin C serum, or any one of our variety of products.

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